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  • Twitter 30 Second Video and Photo Auto-Poster Instructions
    " It's Like shooting Fish in a barrel with an Uzi "


Custom Photo Tweet Feeder

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How it works?

  • Step 1

    "Choose Month" "Choose Day"
    Each Month will have a new set of 30 Second Video and photo messages for you to upload
    Enter a custom message for each hour , choose than upload a 30 Second Video or photo and finally click SAVE
    We discovered running monthly campaigns for each week is most effective, because your same photo message will get published at least 4 times per month

    B) When people see the same photo throughout the month it expresses importance...

    too much or too less is not effective..

    and we discovered the formula for Twitter photo marketing..

    You can "Edit" your existing "Photo Feeds" and when finished always Click "Save". You can also "Delete" your Photo Feed.
    twitter client tool application tweets hashtags
  • Step 2

    After You Create a New Photo Feed you will see a List of TextBoxes in Sequential Order (Photo Tweet 1, Photo Tweet 2, Photo Tweet 3 .etc) Enter Your "Tweet" Content in each text box until you complete the list and click "Save"

    Also you will see a label "Add Photo file" next to each textbox. This allows you to choose a photo from your computer. Click the "Browse" Button, Select your Photo File, Click Open, and Finally Click the "Upload Photo" Button Repeat Step 2 for each "Photo Tweet" and Click the "Save" Button

    ** Important Note** After you save your Photo Feed. All your Feeds will have the keyword "photo_" in front of each Photo Feed that you create.

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