• Twambit the King of the (( CLOUD )), a cloud computing based digital marketing tool for every business. SaaS and PaaS, and it's SOA, service oriented architecture for agencies looking to provide more web traffic tools and create new opportunities & build their clients product and service brands on social media
  • We have over 15 years experience providing cutting-edge social media marketing software solutions. We specialize in .NET Business Software Development, Web UI/UX Design,Native Mobile App Development IOS/Android/Windows, Mobile Web Development, Database Design , and Logo Design using SOA Technologies
  • See how Twambit will help you or your company dynamically engage with your social media audience and by using our dynamic digital social media marketing customized methods that work and stir up the emotions of live real people & creating serendipitous moments online for yourself and/or for your company to easily now engage with your target market
  • Learn how to use our unique set of web tools and built-in custom Auto-Poster to strategically target your market & improve your Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn , YouTube and Sound Cloud Accounts simulataneously!
  • Digital Signage Schedule Daily Auto-Posting, Hardware Installation , in-house video/audio production team, New Tech Contracting 862-432-2629
  • Includes Content Scheduling in a way nobody is doing in the market 2016, Video and Photo Curation, Aggregating Target Data, Publishing Content, Web-Cam Movie Maker, Video Chat, Create Your own CTA= Call To Action, SSPA = SEO Single Page App and many other unique features
  • We believe in empowering our customers with the latest and greatest advice on social media marketing and customizing the exact solutions for their problems online
  • Twambit also includes your own web hosting and NEW unlimited SEO Twambit Domain Deep Linking from Twitter to your page bringing your brand up in the ranking system

  • By now you realize Twambit is more than a Social Media Marketing Tool, it's a Sales & Marketing Platform & Social Media Network all-in-one allowing your clients to also market and sell their products under your Twambit Domain, Welcome to the future of Global E-Commerce
  • Thank you everyone for your feedback and we truly appreciate your support
  • Twambit will Twist Up new Leads and build your brand faster online and it's up to you to now Take Action! START FREE

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About Your Founder

Michael Boise

Founder & Developer, Twambit.com

Michael Boise is Twambits' Founder and Software Developer. An expert software engineer with an online marketing experience in all forms of media, Michael spends his early morning and late nights coding new features into Twambit and the rest of the day speaking to the most successful marketers across multiple industries.

Some Of The Internet's Most Trusted Experts Use Twambit

  • You're going to be blown away by how many options there are inside Twambit™. The BEST Automation tool around. I love it! If you're not familiar with Twambit™ just yet, give it a shot. I'm a big believer in focusing on list building as the #1 core piece of your business. So very important. Twambit™ is pretty much the answer to that.

    Amy Porterfield, FBInfluence.com

  • The only problem with Twambit right now is that it's difficult to find the features and not how but WHY they work, but once I called them for help. I used the Twambit Technique via Automate and Engage and made $76 and it went like this.. Twambit auto posted, someone interacted , I politefully engaged, brought the person onto the Twambit Platform where I have all my tools to help close the sale and WALAH in less than 5 minutes I closed it !

    John Lee Dumas, EntrepreneurOnFire.com

  • I was using Twambit to help market one of my clients, and I have to tell you that it was so impressed with my results that I contacted Twambit and met with the founder , Michael Boise and it's been a very fun and rewarding venture. I have now been an active board member to date

    David Serlin, Twambit.com

  • I was cutting and pasting my YouTube and Sound Cloud "Links" into Facebook and Twitter every day and when I learned how easy it was to automate this "TEDIOUS TASK" using Twambit! ... The best way to describe how I felt was "What? Wow are you freaking kidding me?".

    Steve Hovencamp, WPK Real Estate

  • When Michael came out to visit my company in Shenzhen, China he really impressed me with how much he knew about capturing sales from Social Media. Twambit is so user friendly a monkey could do it. I have used Twambit to build my entire sales funnel! If you’re not using Twambit you should!

    Jack Yao, GF Novelty Toy Electronics

Introducing The Internet’s Easiest Social Media Publisher

  • Video Chat and turn a Chat into a Customer in "ONE CLICK"
  • Built-In Conversion Stats And Analytics
  • Extremely Simple Shopping Cart Creation
  • Integrated With YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Automate Scheduling to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Publish Any Video, Photo or even Sound Cloud Song/Podcast
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About Twambit™

Here’s Who We Are & What We Believe:

We’re a dynamic software company that creates simple and beautiful software and web apps that allow businesses to grow large and devoted audiences. We believe compelling online marketing doesn’t need to be time consuming and tedious. And our goal is to create insanely useful (and technologically sound) tools that work almost instantly, make life easier, and eventually change our industry.

We do whatever it takes to come up with creative solutions…and then implement like madmen and madwomen. We’re obsessed with delivering insanely useful social media software to our customers.

Our mission is to take the best and latest of what’s been tested and proven in marketing . . . and create web apps that just do it for our customers.

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