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How it works?

We discovered through years of Social Media Marketing on facebook that to market to your friends 5 posts a day is the maximum they will tolerate
Make sure your photos are FUN, CREATIVE, and ATTRACTIVE. Remember content is King and Marketing is the Queen

Also your photo will be seen on the day you chose for that Month. We discovered seeing your photo once a week for one Month is effecive and that is why we have a new Feed with new Content Each month.
  • Step 1

    "Choose Month and Day"
    You can "Edit" "Save" your Feeds at any time.
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  • Step 2

    After You Select a Feed in the DropDown you will see a List of TextBoxes in Sequential Order (Photo hour 5, Photo hour 10,Photo hour 15,Photo hour 20) Enter Your Content and upload a photoe in each text box until you complete the list and click "Save"

    Also you will see a label "Add Photo file" next to each textbox. This allows you to choose a photo from your computer. Click the "Browse" Button, Select your Photo File, Click Open, and Finally Click the "Upload Photo" Button

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